Every single person on this planet has at least one secret that could break your heart. If we could just remember that, there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” -Dale Carnagie

I have auditioned for several summer stock theatres and other jobs for the summer and been unsuccessful in getting cast. Now something I was worried about when I decided to persue performing as a career was would I still love performing even when I am not working? Well guess what I STILL DO!! In fact something I have learned since not getting the work that I want to is that this buisness isn't about how talented you are its about what you are right for. It just so happens that I wasn't right for the shows I have auditioned for, but that doesn't discourage me, it makes me want to perform even MORE!! I have learned to love auditions. I mean why not enjoy them?? I get to have a little one man show for three people and then learn a way fun dance!! where is the down side? So although I wish I was getting cast in more shows, I am greatful for the learning opportunities I have had these past few weeks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


In acting class we often discuss learning how to become comfortable on stage. That initial comfort comes from the physical elements. Posture, set, costumes, and being able to feel comfortable with the physical things you are dealing with. We also learn how to be comfortable with our characters inner thoughts and feelings. This comes from book work. Research, reading the play, making assumptions based off text, and adding your own personal color.It is vitally important that a performer has mastered BOTH of these skills if they want to be successful.  So....

I have decided to apply these principals into my personal life. For these past few months I have been very concerned with my mental health. I have been fixated on my academics, and recent mental health problems that have come up in my life, and I have been very good at taking care of those problems. So now I have decided that THE TIME HAS COME for me to start learning to take care of myself from the OUTSIDE IN! I think being more physically fit will not only help me in my career, but will help my self esteem and hopefully my mental health as well. Having a better body is something I have always wanted for myself and I'm not going to let myself make excuses anymore. So say goodbye to Mr. "egg on hairy toothpicks" I GOT A PASS TO THE GYM AND I KNOW HOW TO USE IT!

So to anyone who is reading this, PLEASE help me to stay motivated! This is important to me but sometimes I need a little push. If you see me and I still look like an egg on toothpicks just say "hey jaron you're still fat go running!!" and I promise it will really help me out :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


So here's what I decded for myself. Valentines day has absolutely no relevance or importance in my life, but I am sad that I'm missing out on a chance to celibrate a holiday. So I've decided to replace Valentines day with MASHED POTATOES DAY! You see I was already planning on comming home for the long weekend to spend some time with the family, then I convinced my mom to make me my favorite sunday dinner with mashed potatoes (my most favoritest). And thus MASHED POTATOES DAY was born. Now i'm not trying to be one of those obnoxious people that protests valentines day by doing something rediculous like dressing in all black to symbolize my lonliness....( if you went to the same high school as me you know who i'm talking about). And I'm not a fan of 'singles awareness day" either. I am happy for anyone who has a valentine and i'm sure today will be special for them. All i'm trying to do is make today special for me too! and the only way i can do that is by accepting my lonliness and stuffing my face with the best darn comfort food there is!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have always been taught that using you was the best policy. I have, for the past few months, made it a point to make you my constant companion but now i'm having doubts. I have found that sometimes the more honest I am the more I get hurt. I think about the way life was in years past when i didn't say what was on my mind, and kept what I was feeling inside and I start to miss the false happiness it brought me. Yes it feels good to use you, but I am much less vulnerable without you. But as much as I long to be rid of you and go back to how I was before, now that I have found you I can't ever let you go. Having you in my life has brought me more pain and embarrassment than I ever thought was possible. But what you have GIVEN me is more important.  You have freed me from my fears. You have given me the ability to love myself. You have let me let go of my anxietys and get the help that I truly need. So HONESTY as much as I want to write you a hate letter for bringing me pain, I have nothing to say to you but thanks :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

the waiting game.....

So if you thought AUDITIONS were scary, remember that most auditions are not AMERICAN IDOL style. You don't get to run out with a golden ticked and hug your family, or come out crying and flip off the camera while screaming why you are good enough. no no. Instead you throw yourself out there and give the auditioners every thing you have, then you wait. If you are lucky you wait a week, but that pretty much ended in high school. For all the auditions I've done recently you wait at least a MONTH. Thats right you get to sit around for four long weeks and think about all the things you could have done differently and wonder what the auditioners are saying about you, whether or not you wore the right shoes, sang the right songs, had enough gell in your hair, updated your resume, had a good headshot, if you should have shaken their hands instead of just saying hello, brought your own accompanist, or performed your songs or your monologues first. And yes I am capable of thinking about those things all at once, usually while i'm trying to sleep. So i'm not trying to complain, i'm trying to warn anyone who has to be around me for the next little while that I might not been in a GREAT mood :) corss your fingers for me ;)