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Sunday, February 14, 2010


So here's what I decded for myself. Valentines day has absolutely no relevance or importance in my life, but I am sad that I'm missing out on a chance to celibrate a holiday. So I've decided to replace Valentines day with MASHED POTATOES DAY! You see I was already planning on comming home for the long weekend to spend some time with the family, then I convinced my mom to make me my favorite sunday dinner with mashed potatoes (my most favoritest). And thus MASHED POTATOES DAY was born. Now i'm not trying to be one of those obnoxious people that protests valentines day by doing something rediculous like dressing in all black to symbolize my lonliness....( if you went to the same high school as me you know who i'm talking about). And I'm not a fan of 'singles awareness day" either. I am happy for anyone who has a valentine and i'm sure today will be special for them. All i'm trying to do is make today special for me too! and the only way i can do that is by accepting my lonliness and stuffing my face with the best darn comfort food there is!!!!!

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Kayleigh said...

Agreed. Food always loves you back.

And isn't "Single Awareness Day" the worst thing you've ever heard? It's so...tacky. It's like all those bitter people (like me) who invented it. But I don't consider myself one of them because I don't believe in Single Awareness Day. Ha!

Rant over. :) I love your blog. And your face.