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Friday, July 11, 2008


I was looking through some of the pictures i had on my camera of last year's graduation and i suddenly realized... I'm going to graduate this year! I'm having a really hard time letting that sink in. My cousin told me that "when you go to college you find out who you really are", it scares me to think that i'll be taking such a huge step in life and growing up in a matter of months. I'm not concerned with what my major will be and I know generally what direction I want to go in, but the fact that I'll soon be doing it, not just talking about it, really makes me nervous. I've been working toward getting a scholarship for theatre since seventh grade and I'll be auditioning for every theatre professor in the state at the end of this January! Suddenly all the things I've been taking about and hoping for are comming up and I want to be completely prepared for it. I was awakened to the fact that I have so much competition this past week at Shakespeare Competition. I will soon be competing with every other aspiring actor in the state for scholarships and simply getting accepted into theatre programs!! But even beyond my career plans, I'll be leaving home and discovering "who i am". I'll have to be my own person and stop relying on my parents for everything i have. And as scary as I am making all of this sound, I really can't wait! Its an exciting feeling marching into the unknown full speed! Finally I'm taking the first steps to becoming an adult. I'll be making new friends, re-inventing myself, and diving into a completely new life.

Learning to DANCE!!!!

OK here's the deal, I'm attempting to become a better dancer before i hit college!! As a future musical theater major i need to become a strong actor singer and DANCER! And right now my dancing is a bit pathetic!! So tomorrow i'm starting ballet technique classes at A+ studios in syracuse!! I'm also on dance company at my school next year so i need to learn technique fast so i'm not an embarressment to the art of dance!!
I know it seems a bit extreme that i'm trying to be a perfect dancer in a matter of months when i have all my college years to figre it out... but i would rather have a head start before college comes around. I am trying to do everything in my power to become the best all around performer i can be and its going to take a lot of hard work and dedication but it will be so worth it when i make it someday!!!

My Fourth of July Trip

Sadie came with our family to Flaming Gorge over the fourth and it was way fun!! We pretty much wakeboarded every day for a week and had a blast!! Neither of us are very good at it, but we had fun anyway :)It was fun to go and "rough it" for a while... even though we stayed in my trailer and took showers every day ha ha. At the end of the trip we were more than happy to be going home to a soft bed and a clean house though !!