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Monday, July 16, 2012

The 5 things that will change my life.

This morning I awoke at 11:30 alone in my apartment. I sat up out of bed realizing that I had another day of discomfort ahead of me. Another day of dragging my lazy butt to the gym, teaching a few unenthusiastic voice students, and slipping into bed with something unhealthy and a few episodes of Family Guy. And I thought to myself..... when did I become miserable again? I had a few months of bliss less than a year ago when I first starting really changing my life with affirmations and therapy. The thought that I might be slipping into mild depression crossed my mind for a moment. As soon as that thought hit me on a conscious level I knew something had to be done. The last thing I need is to start slipping back into the place I was a year ago.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the kind of person I really want to become. I'm approaching the halfway point of my education and the prospect of having to start my real professional career is daunting. I get easily discouraged when I start to think about the huge list of things I have to get done in the next two years. I couldn't even begin to make a list of the hundreds of things I want to get done in the next two years.

Seeking some sort of relief from the stress I've felt this summer on the subject of the future, I watched the short film of "The Secret." I also read "The four Agreements" and its sequel "The Fifth Agreement," Louis Hay's positive affirmation book and cd, Debbi Ford's "the best year of your life"....etc. After reading all of these different ideas on how to change your life I realized that all of these philosophers, authors, and psychologists have the same idea, just different terminology. The secret teaches that a man becomes what he envisions, the four agreements teaches controlling the vision of your own "dream", Louis Hay teaches the use of affirmations to take control of your own reality...etc. So in my own words (and the words of eminem) I AM WHATEVER I SAY I AM

So today I'm deciding on the 5 things I can do to become the sort of person I want to be. Instead of focusing on the hundreds of little things I have to accomplish so soon, I'm choosing to focus my energy on 5 major things that make up the sort of person that can accomplish a million things in two years. And then I'm going to BECOME that person. I'm not going to call them goals, affirmations, visions, or any of those words. I'm going to think of them as traits. My personality traits. I will act like the person I want to be until I become that person through and through.

1. I am very hard working. I love to be productive and stay busy all day. I love having a full schedule, but I'm very organized so things always run very smoothly for me.

2. I am healthy and handsome. I love exercise and nutrition. I stay hydrated constantly and ONLY put things in my body that are good for it. I love the way I look unconditionally.

3. I love everyone. I love myself enough to recognize that being irritated with others is a sign of self doubt so i don't allow those feelings to enter my consciousness. I only say kind things, I only give love, and i get those things in return.

4. I have a bright and exciting future. I am a talented professional actor. I am constantly welcoming new opportunities for artistic grown. I love all art, and most especially the art that I participate in creating. Bringing people art that expands the mind and opens the heart is my passion.

5. I totally and completely love myself unconditionally. I am content with where I am in life because I chose it. I am here because of the positive energy I constantly strive to give.

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Whitney Leigh said...

I freaking love you. You have a better grasp on life and what it's all about more than most people I know. If I know anything, it's that you are going to be great.
and I want you to remember me when you're famous. I'm not talking money though, just like, a shout out when you win an oscar or something.
love ya Jar. :)