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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Update on my life

Alright its been a while since a updated my blog so I figured its about time!! Radium Girls closed a little over a week ago and it was hard to see it go. It was my last play at CHS and I am having a hard time accepting it haha. Right now I'm basically wrapping up all my high school work with a dance concert, choir concert, closing socials, tests and all that for a month.
I have accepted a four year full tuition scholarship to Weber State University for musical theatre. I got the scholarship based off of two auditions. I am currently looking for somewhere to live in Ogden and room mates so if anyone can help me please let me know :).
I recently won first place at the senior high school divisioin of the NATS broadway vocal competition. Also the CHS productions class competed at the state level with our one act play The Rules of Comedy and were one of four schools in the state that received a medal. A few days ago I got the opportunity to sing with the Utah Light Opera and the Utah Premier Brass! It was an amazing opportunity to be surrounded by forty people who had gone to college for voice! It was an awesome performance, and it was fun to get to work with professionals in a choir! I am also just starting a new show called State Fair with clearfield city. I am the rehearsal accompanist and I also play Wayne Frake.(thats the farm boy that falls in love with a jazz singer and gets dumped)
So I thought as the school year was coming to an end I would have a little down time... i guess not! But I have been so blessed with amazing opportunities and a great family that supports me even though I'm not around very often :) As for my personal and social life.... well i haven't really had one for the past three years! But even though all the things I do are a big time commitment, I still wouldn't trade what I have learned for anything in the world! I am just so glad that I have my home and family as a constant to keep me from going crazy! (ps go check out my senior pictures on facebook they turned out pretty awesome)


LishKishBish said...

Might I say that is a striking picture of you ;) Good luck on the ap test! I will pray for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Atta Boy Jaron Roy! I am super glad that you have had amazing experiences and that you live it up! I have to go checkout your pics on facebook now