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Thursday, June 4, 2009


So today is graduationi day! Although I understand today is really just another transition in life, it feels like a big step. After today my education (and my life) are completely up to me. And by the end of the month I will be an adult!! It seems that whenever I go through a transition in my life I start to look back on all the good times. Well i've done so much of that lately I just want to start looking forward to a bright future.

This fall I'm moving to the far away land of Ogden Utah and attending Weber State University on a full tuition scholorship studying musical theatre! My life is changin quickly but I don't want to cry and miss the old times. I'm ready for my future, ready for change, and almost ready to be a sort of adult :)

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LishKishBish said...

But we aren't going to forget Lisha on your new path of self discovery...are we???