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Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Will Never Use This Phrase!!

Ok I was just wasting my life away on facebook as usual for an afternoon with no job and no school when I got invited to join the group titled "Life Sucks; Then You Die." Now I have a lot of friends that use that little saying and I've even had teachers and leaders use it. I'm writing this blog post because I HATE that saying, and I think it is a completely destructive attitude to have. If life sucks then I die.... why bother? I've been through a time in my life where I had serious problems with depression and self destructive thoughts (before i got on my lovely bi polar pills) and I know what its like to think " life sucks then you die." But because I've been there, I can honestly say that there is hope! there is there is there is!! We all have trials, problems, and things that make life hard, but we all also have numberless blessings! It is what we focus on that makes us who we are, so do we focus on the negative and become negative people, or focus on our blessings and share love and happiness with the world???? 
So this is my plea to everyone that has ever used that terrible saying: next time the thought "life sucks; then you die" (or any thought like it) change it! Instead think of something like this: Life is a gift; and I will cherish every moment of it.


Bradley said...

nice post Jaron

Holly said...

GREAT post, Jaron!

In case you haven't figured it out from Megan's blog yet... I, too am bipolar and can relate. I like this saying, "They call it bipolar; I call it MULTI-TALENTED!" That is certainly the case for you and you have a LOT of that going for you!! ((HUGS))

Kayleigh said...

you're pretty freakin' inspirational, jaron. love it.

Ana said...

i love you jaron :) you inspire me

Taryn said...

always remember what you promised me that night on my bed baby! i so agree with this post. life is such a gift for all of us! and its so easy to forget that. you have SO many blessings! i cant wait to see how your blessings keep leading you to bigger and better things. i love you sweetie. miss you.