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Sunday, May 2, 2010


THIS is what a gym looks like when there are no people in it! thats what happened to me the other night at snap fittness! I walk in at eleven expecting at least four or five people there... but no one was there! not even the workers!

So I wandered around and found one of these in the back of the gym!

Thats right ladies and gentleman! an empty dance studio!!!! so.... I spent a half hour in the gym... and then spent an hour in a completely empty dance studio dancing like a crazy person with my ipod in and belting my face off!! it was pretty much the bomb. and afterword i got to relax in one of these!

 So I never never never though I'd hear myself say this but.... THANK GOODNESS I GOT A 24-7 GYM PASS FOR THE SUMMER!
Maybe working out won't be so bad afterall :)


Tanner Snow said...

Dear Jaron~

Please call Tanner next time you go, he wants to come dance like a crazy!! Then go tanning!! :-)

Ana said...

tanner...going tanning...bahaha! get it? get it?

and jaron, that sounds beautiful!!! i dream of having a dance room all to myself whenever i want.

Kayleigh said...

jealous. i wish i could have been there to watch, because you belting for fun in the middle of an empty gym would be fabulous.