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Thursday, May 20, 2010

An Inspiring Moment.

The other day I went to get a smoothie with a new friend I have made this summer. As we got talking she started to tell me more about her personal life and some of the things she has gone through in the past few years. Now I've heard a lot of sad stories in my life, but as this girl told me the things that had happened to her I couldn't help but start to tear up. This girl has been through so much pain and lost so many friends over a really crudddy circumstance. For the sake of her own privacy I will not use her name or her circumstance but TRUST ME the girl has had it rough. But anyway here is the kicker, after she got through telling me the story she said this "but after all this ended I realized that this is what I have learned," and she began to explain to me how she is a better person because of the things she went through. This totally made me stop and think WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! After the very few trials I have had to deal with how many times have I actually stopped to think "this is what I have learned from this." So I have decided to make it my new goal to find out what I'm supposed to learn from my trials. After all thats why we're all here right?? To learn and grow from what we have been given.

So these are some things I have learned from the past year:

God loves all of us the same amount, but he loves us differently. Dont' freak out I'm not trying to go against the scriptures or your sunday school teacher by any means! I just mean that I have learned that just as our trials are unique to what our spirits need to grow, Gods love is tailored to fit exactly what we need. God loved me enough to give me some trials that I will probably never overcome, but he gave me friends and family to help me get through it. So right when I start to think that God is picking on me, I have to think NO JARON! God isn't picking on you, he is just showing you how much he loves you in a way that most people wouldn't recognize.

BE A GOOD LISTENER. I have the best friends ever! But bless their hearts most of them are as messed up as me! And beleive it or not that is such a huge blessing for me! Not because I'm thinking "woah glad thats not me going through that" but because sometimes when I GIVE advice I am able to figure out how to help myself. And beyond that, there is nothing more gratifying that to know you have helped a friend in need. For real.

NEVER NEVER NEVER JUDGE! That is something that is all too common at the school I currently attend. Luckily for me I have been one that has been judged, and will probably continue to be because people don't know me or understand why I have made certin decision. Now I say LUCKILY because I am lucky that I understand how hurtful it is to be judged so I know that I will NEVER do that to another person.

PEOPLE ARE GOOD! Its really easy to think that the world is evil because we hear so much talk about the NATURAL MAN. But even though that doctrine is helpful...  it is SOOOOOOOOO important to remember that most people have good intentions! And if we start to treat others that way, maybe they will start living up to that expectation.

TEARS ARE THE BEST MEDICINE. I know thats not what the prase usually is but I totally beleive it! It is so easy for me to run away from my problms, laugh about them, and pretend they don't matter. BUT no matter how far or fast I run, or how good I am at acting like everything is ok, my problems will always be there. So instead of running from what hurts EMBRACE IT and let it hurt. You can't move past something  until you actually experience it.

The last and most important thing I have learned is that in the long run the only thing that matters is my loving family and friends. All the other things in the world could dissapear today and I would be content as long as I had my family to aruge with, my sadie to vent to, my ana to make fun of, my shawnee to make dirty jokes with, my taryn to cuddle with, my michael to talk to for hours about nothing, my lisha to laugh with, ... and well i have so many great people to list off I would take up too many pages :) but all in all these people are what make my life worth living!


Ana said...

made me tear up a bit. i love you-and hopefully those three words can encompass everything i feel right now. <3

Kayleigh said...

you have grown up a lot jaron. your posts are wonderful.


Taryn said...

i love you babes! this was a good one

LishKishBish said...

While your blog was aMAHzing and all, Can we just focus a little on me for a quick sec???


Okay so back to you....