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Monday, May 30, 2011

I get by with a little help from my friends :)

ha  litIts not easy to be my friend. I'm a lot of fun to the point of obnoxious and recklessness for a while... then I hide away in my room from the whole world and don't answer my phone. I get irritated quickly and say rude things that I don't mean. I forget about other peoples feelings. I send those really obnoxious one word texts like "ok" and "fine" because I don't have the energy to type a complete thought. I push people away because when I'm sad I don't think I deserve love. And these things get worse and worse every month so it gets harder and harder to hide them. But there is a beautiful group of people that love me despite all of these awful flaws. These are the people that I stay alive for when I'm sad, and the people I can't wait to play with when I'm manic. So... here is just a few of the people in my amazing support system.

I don't know how... but me and her just get eachother. its a grey and yang thing.

I mean beautiful and a sense of humor. who could ask for anything more?

I mean... this picture pretty much sums it up :)

This picture was taken the days before I went to the hospital. They brought me that hat to make me feel better, left me lots of funny voicemails, pretended like nothing happened so i wouldn't feel weird coming back, oh and the one in the hat never left my bedside :)

my best friend in the world.

i mean... who else in this world would have the patience to take my crazy 2 am phonecalls :)

i survived a year in UTAH VALLEY because of this beautiful girl.

it takes a very special person to live with me... thats all i'm sayin :)

this is like the only picture we have together because she's a newer friend... but i love her... and this is all we do anyway haha.

sometimes you find your most supportive friends in unexpected places... like at a high school prom :)

BEAUTIFUL GIRLS. If anyone on this planet has a right to hate me its that beautiful girl in the pink suit... but she doesn't. she accepts me and loves me even though i haven't always been the best friend to her.

we only have three more years together, but i'll love them all FOREVER!! cheesey? i don't care.

I am so lucky to have this wonderful family. There really is no place like home :)


Laura Anne said...

I LOVE this post! What a wonderful tribute to your friends and family! SO GOOD! Thanks for posting and reminding me that I too am blessed to have an awesome support system!

Whitney Leigh said...

love the grey's reference.

Kelsey McGarry said...

I love you so much